postheadericon Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Vs Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

The word bankruptcy has many negative stereotypes attached to it. It is a legal procedure that offers federal financial relief for borrowers who overextend themselves or end up in a financial situation that they cannot dig their way out of without help. When you make the decision to consider bankruptcy, Chapter 13 Memphis attorneys can help.

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy begins with the filing of a bankruptcy petition. The petition will contain a list of your assets, debts, income and expenses. A bankruptcy trustee is then designated to the case, who is usually an attorney or an accountant appointed by the Bankruptcy Court.

One of the most important reasons to file bankruptcy is to get rid of your debt. If it's at all possible, you should be debt free after the end of your bankruptcy. Unfortunately, there are a few exceptions. Some debts cannot simply be discharged under bankruptcy of any kind; and you'll still be responsible for making the payments as agreed. This includes back taxes, student loans, and child support obligations.

Filing for bankruptcy is not as easy as it sounds. That's why most people are better off hiring an experienced bankruptcy attorney to help them with the process. A lawyer can help you figure out which type of bankruptcy is right for you, which documents you need to file, and how bankruptcy will affect your life.

4. Elimination of foreclosure - A major benefit of chapter 13 code of bankruptcy is that it eliminates the chances of a foreclosure. A debtor would be required to present a repayment plan to the court for approval.

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